Friday Poll: Whose Deer?

A young Wisconsin hunter shoots a deer, but the animal survives and flees onto adjacent private property, where the adult property owner then shoots the deer, killing it. My question is not about Wisconsin hunting regulations, but what one thinks should have happened, apart from any regulations. In this case they settled with a coin flip, and the adult hunter won. See, Deer dispute settled with coin flip @ WLUK.

(In the WLUK story, Shad Webster, Oneida Conservation Department Director, summarizes Wisconsin’s law: “When sportsmen are afield, they need to be aware of their surroundings. Knowing what could happen if the deer gets to private property, that they do not have a right to go in there and just take the deer. They need landowner’s permission and the landowner can in turn actually take that deer.”)

Whose deer should it be: that of the boy who first shot it, or the man who later killed the deer on his own land?

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9 years ago

would have a been nice gesture for the guy to let the kid have the deer

Ayn Rand
9 years ago

I’m not into hunting but it would have been gracious if the young hunter got to keep it.

9 years ago

At least they had a chance with a coin toss.

9 years ago

How about – children shouldn’t be hunting? Or if you can’t kill initially and mercifully, you should not have a hunting license? Or how about hunters should be required to take target tests before they get licenses?