Karen Attiah on Diversity and Integration

This morning, Karen Attiah of the Washington Post observed the difference between diversity and integration. Through remarks on Twitter (@KarenAttiah), in a thread quoted below, Attiah notes the greater importance of integration over mere acknowledgments of diversity  —

(1) I didn’t get a chance to say it on @TheTakeaway with @tanzinavega but I was struck when @farai said that we are still integrating our newsrooms decades after the civil rights movement.

I think this is a much better word than “diversity”. And shows how slow progress has been.

(2) Diversity is a given. The world is full of diverse people, view points and backgrounds.

Integration takes work, vigilance, and an active effort to make a space reflect the demographic diversity of the outside world.

(3) Or, more bluntly, you could say we are still working to de-segregate many elite spaces.

I guess a position entitled “Chief Desegregation Officer”—-

Or “Office of Desegregation and Integration”—-

Those hit a little different, don’t they?

Yes, they do.

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