Long Miles Ahead

I posted yesterday on the federal lawsuit filed against former Chancellor Richard Telfer and current Athletic Director Amy Edmonds.  SeeFormer Coach Fader Files Federal Lawsuit Against UW-Whitewater Officials.

One should not expect a quick resolution to the many issues the lawsuit raises, of mistreatment of honest employees & disregard for assault survivors. On the contrary, in a matter like this there are likely to be tactics of  (1) silence, (2) changing the subject,  (3) lying, (4) blaming terminated employees and assault survivors, and (5) self-serving but unethical insistence that injury to a few served a higher institutional purpose.

We’re nowhere near the end of all this. A federal lawsuit, and a federal investigation into Title IX handling of sexual assault complaints, is a consequence of, but not a certain cure for, the grievances asserted.

There is much yet ahead. 

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7 years ago

Thank you. You have kept on this from the beginning with links to stories and developments. It makes a difference to know other people care.

Reply to  Cathy
7 years ago

I’ll say you’re welcome, but doing so while knowing that you owe me nothing whatever. My very best to you, Adams.

7 years ago

Do you know of any situation where there is both a Title IX investigation and a lawsuit against officials personally? This seems more unusual than a Title IX investigation alone (and they seem rare by themselves).

Reply to  J
7 years ago

No, I’m not familiar with one. There are only a small number of Title IX investigations from among the large number of four-year universities in America. (The number of assault survivors is vastly higher than the number of Title IX complaints.) The lawsuit makes this situation even more rare.

7 years ago

Boy did you call this one. His pals will pretend nothing happened especially on Whitewater’s fake “news site”. Sorry guys everybody in town is talking about it!

7 years ago

It is good that you’re sticking with this story. There probably a lot of twists coming up.