Low Comedy in 3, 2, 1…

Democrats have three choices for the 15th District Senate Primary: Evansville’s Assembly Rep. Janis Ringhand, Janesville-native Austin Scieszinski, or former Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan. 

One sometimes encounters a politician who simply refuses to remain a former politician, and when one encounters such a person, that discovery probably sounds like Mike Sheridan. 

(He’s reportedly walking about, and hinting now and again, that GM may return to Janesville. See, State Senate candidate Mike Sheridan: ‘GM could return’.)

Even funnier, Sheridan is a paid consultant for the businessman (Bill Watson) who’s infamous; as the I’ll-disclose-what-I-want-about-my-supposedly-amazing-project-when-I-damn-feel-like-it developer who’s caused so such concern and outcry in Milton.   

The 15th is a heavily blue district, but if anyone could make the race closer for Republicans, it’s Democrat Mike Sheridan.

For prior FW posts on Sheridan, here’s a helpful link.

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