4 comments for “Monday Music: Robert Johnson, Kind Hearted Woman Blues (1936)

  1. George Bailey
    05/06/2019 at 8:25 AM

    I just watched the documentary last night and have been a fan since early college. The influence his music had on American music is simply incredible. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards … and many others list Robert Johnson as a major influence. The Remastered documentary on Johnny Cash on Netflix is also excellent.

    05/06/2019 at 12:22 PM

    Great stuff, isn’t it? I did not know that there was a Johnny Cash documentary on Netflix, but now I will happily find and watch it.

  3. George Bailey
    05/06/2019 at 4:52 PM

    I purchased that two-disc, 29 song Robert Johnson collection cd in 1991. I listened to it constantly and enjoy it still. The Cash documentary is under the same “Remastered:” series. It gets into a very specific timeline and I thought it was very interesting, especially his concert that he gave at the Nixon White House. The video footage of that concert and what Cash says is in it is: riveting (to me)… and quite relatable to today.

      05/06/2019 at 6:40 PM

      In the Netflix documentary, they mention people who discovered Johnson from 78s, and I grew up in a household that still had blues and jazz 78s, mostly Columbia red labels (but sadly nothing of Johnson’s among them). I learned about him later. Very much looking forward to the Remastered Cash documentary. Much appreciated!