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Nothing Says Dog-Crap Publication Like Dog-Crap Ads

One can estimate a for-profit publication’s value in the marketplace by the ads it attracts. The leaves the Janesville Gazette, a rusty link in an out-of-state newspaper chain, in a weak position: it’s running dog-crap ads.

Consider this canine calling-card displayed on the Gazette’s main page today, 1.9.20 (‘Trump Is On A Roll…Ends Another Obama Era Program):

Gazette’s Dog-Crap Ad

The ad makes no sense, of course: Trump supposedly ended an Obama era program, but now there’s a Congressional program one can use (executive branch, legislative branch, whatever…) If Trump’s on a roll, why isn’t the new program Trump’s program?

The ad is from, an advertiser that has received an F rating from the Better Business Bureau®? (“Failure to respond to 8 complaints filed against business…Government action(s) against business”). The government action involves a multimillion-dollar settlement (“Texas Reaches $2 Million Settlement with Fraudulent Lead Generation Company”).

The chain of which the Gazette is a link looks more each day like an advertising delivery network. The ads look like more each day like something one would handle only with a pooper scooper.

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