Repost: Only a Grand Coalition Will Prevail

Posted originally 4.14.20 — and still true. 

One reads that Justin Amash, a congressman from Michigan, is thinking about a third-party run for the presidency. Forget him; only a grand coalition will assure Trump’s defeat.

Those of us who are Never Trump (mostly conservatives but some libertarians as I am), are part of a diverse collection of many others, all of us of united in our opposition to Trump. We are a small part of this collection, but are as industrious as others, as committed as others. We’ll not yield – it’s a principled tenacity that brought us here, keeps us here, and will see us through.

We cannot, however, prevail on our own – only by participation in a large movement of many particular positions can we succeed in our general goal.

A third option is a poor option, a third choice is a bad choice.

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