Private Meetings in Public Monuments During a Pandemic

Entitled Miscreant: Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt in 2019.

The Washington Post reports that Interior [Department] shuts Washington Monument after interior secretary tests positive for the coronavirus (‘Park Service staff say they may have been exposed when David Bernhardt led a private, after-hours tour’):

Officials have taken the extraordinary step of closing the Washington Monument starting Friday as a precaution after Interior Secretary David Bernhardt — who had been giving private, nighttime tours to associates — tested positive for the coronavirus.

Interior spokesman Nicholas Goodwin confirmed the temporary closure, saying the department acted after consulting with federal health officials. Bernhardt had led other Trump DOI appointees on a tour earlier this week. Some National Park Service staff at the site said they had been exposed to the secretary during his after-hours tour and are now in quarantine, which has led to a staffing shortage at the monument, Goodwin said.

A person of normal acculturation would not be taking private, after-hours tours of public facilities during a pandemic. Showing off the monument to ‘associates’ at the risk of exposing field workers to infection would, however, be a matter of indifference to an entitled man.

There’s no shortage of men like that in the administration.  Bernhardt is one of many.

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