Quick Note on Comments

Someone wrote me today and asked why comments were off on a post from last week. She asked if I had turned comments off to avoid criticism on the subject (the post was about Mitt Romney).

The way FW is set up, comments turn off after automatically after five days, for all posts.

Some blogs have a method for readers’ comments, some don’t. For sites satisfied that they effectively filter trolls, comments are manageable and welcome. That’s always been the case here – spam and trolls have been manageable. (Large commercial sites, by contrast, struggle with spam and trolls despite their best efforts.) In Whitewater, too, I’ve always received more email messages than comments, although that seems unexpected to me (comments would seem easier).

In any event, I welcome readers’ comments and email.

As for the Romney post, well, if I were going to receive a lot of criticism, it would be funny if a Romney post bothered people the most (Romney’s incident with his dog notwithstanding).

Seamus Romney

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