Racine Journal Times Investigation Uncovers Municipal Abuses in Mount Pleasant

For those who obstinately contend that bureaucrats and politicians are always and forever public servants, selfless, giving of themselves, exist for a better community, etc., a compelling refutation will be found in a series from the Racine Journal Times, entitled, “JT investigates: Climate of fear in Mount Pleasant.”

The JT describes the series:

The abrupt firing of the Mount Pleasant village administrator last spring raised many questions in the community over the reasons for the village board’s actions and whether the board had been diligent in its oversight of that position and the operations of village hall.

Without a public records request from the Journal Times, residents would not have known that “days before he was unceremoniously ousted as village administrator, Mike Andreasen had been locked out of his office and his computer was seized by police….” See, Police seized administrator’s computer, supervised his departure.

Without a public records request, residents wouldn’t know that

Just days before the late Mike Andreasen was removed from office, village staff had painted a picture of the former village administrator as the “tyrant” of Village Hall who bullied employees, especially women, and drove them to tears and even professional help….

See, Secret records allege abuse.

Had the newspaper not filed a lawsuit to compel a reply to its records request, residents wouldn’t know that local officials ignored residents’ many complaints about their village administrator’s abusive conduct (concealed from the public, but known all-too-painfully to his victims).

After months of repeatedly denied requests for more information regarding the abrupt removal of the late former village administrator, records obtained through a lawsuit settlement with the Village of Mount Pleasant suggest some board members may have turned a blind eye to various employees’ pleas going as far back as late 2009.

See, Reports: Trustees ignored Village Hall complaints.

Mount Pleasant’s officials owed those they ill-served far more than these unfortunate employees and fellow residents received. Instead of humble, plain, effective services, ordinary people received abuse and hypocrisy at at the hands of a self-interested tyrant and his supportive ilk.

The Journal Times has done Mount Pleasant, and all Wisconsin, a true and worthy service.

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