A Second Sex-Assault Survivor Files Federal Complaint Against UW-Whitewater

Raechel Liska, aged 22.  Photo from Channel 3000. Link to Ms. Liska’s video interview, available online.  Raechel Liska, aged 22, an honors student and Army ROTC candidate at UW-Whitewater, has filed a sexual discrimination action with the U.S. Department of Education, Civil Rights Division, against our local university. This is the second federal action that […]

Budget Problems as a Mask for Internal Problems

There are significant shortfalls for K-12 funding and state funding for the UW System. These shortfalls involve hundreds of millions, and that alters the landscape at public institutions (at some more than others). Still, It won’t be true, because it cannot be true, that every problem one might encounter will be the consequence of fiscal […]

If Universities Want Federal Money…

If universities want federal money (and they want as much as they can get), then it’s wrong for them to shirk federal legal standards for reporting assault and for proper treatment of those alleging assault.  (Make no mistake: I’d contend that universities have a duty to manage campuses well and fairly even if there were […]

The Hunting Ground

Academy-award nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering have a new film now in limited-release, entitled, The Hunting Ground, about campus sexual assault.  The film addresses violence, institutional cover-ups, and the damage done to victims & families from both assault and subsequent, institutional misconduct.  The official trailer for the film is embedded above.  (The same […]

Local Policing and Point-of-View Cameras

There’s a story about my town’s (Whitewater, Wisconsin’s) decision to equip its on-patrol officers with point-of-view cameras. A small video camera will record officer interactions with residents. Reportedly, all interactions will be recorded, and at the end of each shift, officers [will] download all videos into a general file that would get deleted automatically after […]

The Disgrace that is the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Sometimes one would prefer to be wrong, rather than right. The waste, errors, exaggerations, and lies of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation are such a case: Madison — Three Senate Democrats asked Wednesday [6.12] for a criminal investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s signature job creation agency. The request comes after an audit last month found […]

The (Also Bad) Alternatives to Concealment

Suppose the owner of a mansion awakes to discover that his many precious paintings have disappeared from the estate’s gallery. Consider a few, alternative scenarios: In the first, he walks through empty hallways, all his collection now gone. He finds no one else in the house, and no trace of an intruder. Someone took the […]

How Local Government Has It Easier Than Yelp

Yelp may be a popular website for positing restaurant (and other) reviews, but it has a controversy on its hands. Some businesses are complaining about Yelp’s practice of hiding some reviews behind a link (that is, where one has to click the link to see all posted reviews). Some restaurateurs contend that Yelp hides favorable […]

The Truth about the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

A person should be able to make simple distinctions, as between the sensible and foolish, or practical and impractical. Sometimes those distinctions should be clear, and as stark as the difference between the contents of a sample cup and a glass of Chardonnay. You’ll hear a lot locally over the next few days about a […]

The Dismissal of Palmyra’s Police Chief, Charles Warren

Last week, Palmyra’s Police Commission, on a 2-1 vote, fired Chief Charles Warren. Warren had been police chief of the village’s force for five years. Both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Jefferson County Daily Union reported on Warren’s dismissal. The Police Commission action followed an autumn hearing on the complaint of Gary Byers, a village […]