A Bird City

If you’ve not had the chance to see it, here’s a presentation on the Birds of Whitewater. Birds of Whitewater by Scott Weberpal from Whitewater Community TV on Vimeo.

On Photographing the Milky Way

Former SpaceX engineer Ian Norman runs Lonely Speck, a site that teaches aspiring astrophotographers how to take pictures of the night sky. This splendid vignette reveals the art and passion behind his work, with stunning wide-field landscape shots of the Milky Way set against the deserts of Reno, Nevada. “It puts into perspective just how…

Photographer Seth Casteel captures swimming pups

Seth Casteel’s new book, Underwater Puppies, is now on shelves and at Amazon. It’s a photo collection showing dogs learning to swim. Via Underwater Puppies: Photographer Seth Casteel captures swimming dogs @ The Telegraph. The video below shows Casteel’s method for filming swimming canines. Enjoy.

2014 World Press Photo Contest Winners

The 2014 World Press Contest photos are now available online. A link to the winning photographs appears below. Some depict tragedy, others hope, and all of them are notable and evocative. An international jury of photographers and editors has announced the results of the 57th World Press Photo Contest. The shot chosen as Photo of…