Restaurant Review: 841 Brew House

I’m beginning a new, spring and summer series of restaurant reviews.

I’ll begin with something that, itself, is new: the restaurant at 841 Milwaukee Street, having opened at the beginning of the year.  The 841 Brew House is a sports bar and restaurant, and differs notably and favorably from the predecessor establishment at that location. 

I visited twice for this review (once for lunch, once for supper) and was impressed on both occasions.  The food was good, the staff friendly, and the atmosphere congenial, almost festive. 

The Brew House is an easy recommendation.  

Walking into the restaurant, you’ll find a long bar directly in front of you, with five (by my count) large monitors displaying sports programming.  To the right, there’s a traditional dining room (and separate rooms along the dining room that could accommodate banquets).  Beyond the dining room one finds outdoor seating. 

I had lunch at the bar, a burger (the Black and Tan) and beer (their Wheat), with a soda chaser.  It was properly prepared, just as I had requested (your server will ask, as one would expect).  Portions are ample, and well-arranged on the plate. 

They’ve four of their own brews (Amber, Wheat, IPA, Stout) and a traditional selection of domestics and imported. 

On both visits, a discerning (almost finicky) companion joined me and praised the quality of the salads offered. 

That’s what one finds at the Brew House: it’s a sports bar, but close by it’s a full-dining American-cuisine restaurant, too.  There’s only a slim chance that a sports bar would prepare a salad worth praising, but this sports bar (and restaurant) did. 

Looking around, even on a midweek evening, one could see fellow patrons in the restaurant having a happy time.  Many were seated at tables in the center of the room, laughing and talking.  Others were nearby in booths either along one of the walls or near large windows facing Milwaukee Street.  (Still others were dining outside.)

I didn’t visit for a Friday fish fry, but the restaurant had that kind of welcome, animated fish-fry atmosphere.  It’s hard to overestimate how full the room seemed, all with visibly satisfied patrons. 

This is a friendly, easy-going wait staff, well-informed and conversational.  Everyone I met on my visits, from host to servers to bartender, was pleasant, and lively.  One senses that they enjoy their work. 

I can say that I enjoyed the Brew House, and will be back again.

Easily recommended.

LOCATION: 841 E Milwaukee St  Whitewater, WI 53190.  (262) 473-8000.

OPEN: Dining hours are daily from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM.  Bar is open until midnight.

PRICES: Sandwich & beer for about $10-12; Supper and drink for about $20.

RESERVATIONS: Unnecessary.

DRINKS: Beers, sodas, full bar.

SOUND: Moderate to high, with no background music in the dining room, but the sound of pleasant conversation all around.  (There’s no trouble being heard across the table, and the sound of other contented diners is infectious.)

SERVICE: Friendly, conversational, very enjoyable.

VISITS: Two (lunch and supper).

RATING: 3.5 of 4.


RATING SCALE: From one to four stars, representing the full experience of food, atmosphere, service, and pricing.

INDEPENDENCE: This review is delivered without financial or other connection to the establishment or its owner.  The dining experience was that of an ordinary patron, without notice to the staff or requests for special consideration.

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7 years ago

Yeah, I liked it also.Food is good plus people are friendly.Nice place.

Ayn Rand
7 years ago

Haven’t been yet but will definitely visit now 🙂

Dr. X
7 years ago

Good place, a definite improvement over the old one.