Cirque du Pizza: The Art of Pizza Acrobatics

Cirque du Pizza: The Art of Pizza Acrobatics from Great Big Story on Vimeo. When it comes to pizza dough tossing, there’s the classic pitch you’re probably picturing, and then there’s what Tony Gemignani does. The 12-time world pizza champion describes his particular art form as “what a Harlem Globetrotter does with a basketball”—only with […]

The Kombucha Freedom Warrior

As fermented products become more common as health fads, questions about regulation are being raised. For one, kombucha is the product of fermenting tea with a culture of live yeast and bacteria. As a result, the beverage has a variable alcohol content—and some of its producers are being targeted by the federal regulators. In this […]

Friday Poll: National Junk Food Day

Too Many ‘National’ Days? Yesterday, apparently, was (unofficially) National Junk Food Day.  I didn’t know there was even an unofficial day like that, but there was, and is.  By the time the junk food snack food industry has claimed a day, probably everyone has. Do you think there are too many ‘national’ days?

Friday Poll: Kale-Eating Contest

<a href=””>Kale-Eating Contest</a> Perhaps sensing that conventional food-eating contests (involving hot dogs or other picnic foods) are losing popular support, contest organizers in Buffalo have decided to have a kale-eating contest, billing it as the “world’s healthiest eating championship,” with the slogan, “Kale Yeah!” What do you think?

A Grilling Guide (with Tips for Cooking Burgers)

Over at the New York Times, Sam Sifton has a comprehensive grilling guide, with tips for charcoal or gas grills, and cooking beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, corn, fruit, pizza, and bread. Inside or out, here are tips for cooking a diner or pub-style burger:

Friday Poll: Memorial Day Weekend Grilling Choice(s)

Some have been grilling all year, but for others this weekend in May represents the beginning of that season. Either way, for those who will be grilling this weekend, what will you choose?  (Multiple selections are possible.) Memorial Day Weekend Grilling Choice(s)