The Greatest Trick Trump Ever Pulled

Of all the thousands of lies that Trump has told since becoming president, perhaps the most fundamental lie is his insistence that he somehow represents a majority of his fellow citizens.

The opposite is true: he lost the popular vote by three million, and he’s even less popular now than when he was elected. John Harwood reports on the latest WSJ/NBC poll results:

In the survey, 49% back Trump’s impeachment and removal while 46% oppose it. In the NBC/WSJ poll a month ago, a 49% plurality opposed impeachment and removal while 43% favored it.


In addition, Trump faces entrenched opposition significantly larger than his hard-core base. A 46% plurality of Americans said they were almost certain to vote against the president next November, compared to 34% almost certain to vote for him.

The sheltered, insulated, cosseted, and cocooned viewers of Fox News are led astray when they hear that Trump is wildly popular. In fact, only about a third of Americans say that they’re sure to vote for him. The number adamantly opposed to Trump is far larger.

One has often heard the expression that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he does not exist; the greatest trick Trump ever pulled was convincing a fanatical minority that he speaks for an American majority.

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