The Lanai Cat Sanctuary

Hawaii may seem a paradise, but even within that wonderland there’s a cat paradise:

Although he regularly greets guests at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, Keoni Vaughn will never forget one passionate visitor who showed up a couple of years ago.

“He came to the cat sanctuary … from Japan to spend the day with us — 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., five hours, only to fly back to Japan the same day,” said Vaughn, the shelter’s executive director.

“Talk about the ultimate cat lover. He was in heaven.”

Heaven, of course, means different things to different people, but for cat lovers, it just might be full of purring bundles of fur — in black, brown, white, gray or ginger. If that’s your bliss, the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, just a few minutes’ walk along a red-dirt path from the island’s airport, is home to 620 cats.

Via Missing your cat while you’re in Hawaii? Lanai’s sanctuary lets you cuddle up.

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