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Trump Rallies on Juneteenth in Tulsa

Trump is both ignorant and slow, but his aide Stephen Miller is neither. Knowing as much about these men, one reads that the Trump campaign has picked Juneteenth for a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

How can you further inflame racial tensions? Send the president, who has called those protesting for racial equality “thugs,” to a city infamous for the 1921 burning of Black Wall Street, on a day of symbolic significance to the struggle for Black civil rights in America.

A coincidence? Perhaps. For this to have been Trump’s idea, he’d have to know something about history and about people who are not himself, two subjects with which he has little familiarity. The notion floated by some that Stephen Miller, the White House’s most prominent white nationalist, lined the whole thing up may be more believable—a theory supported by the fact that Trump is also scheduled to accept his nomination in Jacksonville, Florida, on the anniversary of the day a mob of 200 white people chased down peaceful civil rights protesters.

Trump’s no one’s idea of a clever man, but Miller? Well, he’s malevolently clever. This may not be Miller’s doing, but he has the desire, willingness, and ability to arrange something of this sort.

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