Wisconsin 2020

Craig Gilbert writes Wisconsin already expected to be a war zone for the 2020 presidential race:

Almost everything about the Nov. 6 midterm election bolstered Wisconsin’s status as a top presidential target in 2020, when this state has no race for governor or U.S. Senate but can expect an all-out war over its 10 electoral votes.

The state swung back to Democrats for governor and U.S. Senate after Republican Donald Trump carried Wisconsin for president two years ago.

But Democrats failed to dent the GOP’s stranglehold on the state Legislature, and they won the governor’s race by scarcely more than a percentage point.

A few quick points:

1. The governor’s race was close, but Republicans lost every principal statewide contest (gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, Wisconsin attorney general, state treasurer, secretary of state.)

2.  Although the GOP won a majority of legislative races, they did so in a highly gerrymandered state, and Democrats won a majority of total votes cast in those races (winning 1.3 million votes for Assembly, or 54 percent statewide).

3.  There are two more years ahead to reveal the lies and incompetence of Trumpism.  Trumpism is more fish than wine: it’s not aging well.

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