Warnings to the White House

Inside the Trump administration’s coronavirus response — and missed opportunities to contain COVID-19 before it was too late. Correspondent Martin Smith speaks with global health experts about warnings to the White House that went unheeded, including a health policy expert who said his 2019 study pointing to the threat of a pandemic was met with silence.

As he investigates how the crisis unfolded in the U.S., Smith finds: “There’s a lot of unknowns as to who dropped the ball and when. It’s clear that at the top, and I mean by that the president, the wrong messages were being given.”

Trump was unfit long before the pandemic came – autocratic, bigoted, corrupt, ignorant, and disordered. The sadness of this preventable tragedy is both that thousands have needlessly died and that Trump will convince his followers that those many deaths don’t matter.

There will be even worse from Trump until the political conflict against him is won. The political conflict can only be won through a tenacious and resolute opposition.

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