Weekend Comment Forum: Arizona-Style Immigration Restrictions

Rep. Don Pridemore of Hartford has introduced a bill backing Arizona-style immigration legislation.

Here’s how Pridemore describes his legislation:

An individual who has first broken the law, and then fails to prove his or her lawful presence in the U.S., may be held for up to 48 hours. During that time the person will be allowed to obtain appropriate documentation. If the person cannot produce the required documents, the matter will be referred to federal immigration services.

Note how Pridemore disingenuously or ignorantly describes his bill: he falsely contends that it applies only to those who have broken the law. No, and no again. His legislation would trigger a request for immigration status upon a mere arrest, with no conviction for any crime. This legislation would require that those detained prove their immigration status within forty-eight hours on mere accusation of a crime.

Pridemore must be able to see the difference between accusation (arrest) and guilt (conviction). When he says his legislation applies to those who break the law, but when the legislation demands immigration status simply when one is accused of breaking the law, one sees that Pridemore describes his own legislation falsely.

The best economic and social policy for America will always be free markets in capital, goods, and labor. The fewer restrictions, the better, for America’s prosperity and social harmony. Yet even among those who doubt the truth of that contention, one might expect an honest description of the Arizona-style immigration proposal they offer.

One more point: Pridemore shamelessly contends that his legislation would spare illegal immigrants from the stress and anxiety of staying in America. He says this only in the way a fox would suggest that he could spare hens the stress and anxiety of walking around uneaten.

Those who are here now, whatever their status, by their continuing presence indicate that they prefer being here, in Wisconsin, to whatever stress they might experience. If it were not so, they would go somewhere else.

On the contrary, it’s this legislation that puts a man or woman — and perhaps a whole family — on razor’s edge that otherwise peaceful lives might be turned upside down through a mere accusation.

I’m sure that there are some, in Whitewater, elsewhere in Wisconsin, or places even father beyond, who support legislation like Pridemore’s. Here’s a chance to comment in favor of that legislation. If not, then not (though you’ll support and vote for it just the same).

I’ll reply, though, so best as I am able, to arguments supporters might venture for Rep. Pridemore’s bill.

There’s a poll, below, for those who’d like to participate that way.

The use of pseudonyms and anonymous postings is, of course, fine. Although the comments template has a space for a name, email address, and website, those who want to leave a field blank can do so. Comments will be moderated, against profanity or trolls. Otherwise, have at it.

The forum will be open until Sunday morning, and this post will stay at the top of the website during that time.

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The Phantom Stranger
12 years ago

It always amuses me that Conservatives are more prideful (sic) of the Land of the Free…that is, unless someone is different than them, be it race, ethnicity, or religion…Pridemore should change his name to Shameless.
Have a respectful Memorial Day weekend, all.

12 years ago

I know you’re looking for opposition, but I would like to thank you for standing up against Know Nothings . Instead of kicking people out of Wisconsin, Pridemore should move to Arizona if he likes their laws so much.