Weekend Comment Forum: Wisconsin’s Voter ID Bill

Readers know that I’m opposed to a voter photo ID bill, now on its way to Gov. Walker for signature next Wednesday. See, Gov. Walker to Sign Voter ID Bill on Wednesday.

There are several reasons to oppose the bill: we don’t have a problem that warrants so significant a change, thousands of now-lawful voters will be disenfranchised, vulnerable and minority populations will be disproportionately affected, providing photo identification will cost millions, and one’s fundamental right as a citizen to vote for representatives of an instrumental state is not dependent on any particular document. One is a citizen as a matter of fact, not procedure.

I see nothing libertarian in these restrictions.

Still, these are only a few starting-points. Others may have convincing arguments to the contrary.

There’s a poll, below, for those who’d like to participate that way.

There’s a challenge, too. Of the City of Whitewater’s two state legislators, there is a difference of opinion on this bill: Sen. Tim Cullen of the 15th Senate District opposes this legislation, but Rep. Evan Wynn of the 43rd Assembly District supports it. For those who support this legislation (and advance the supporting legislator prominently at every photo opportunity), here is your chance to defend support of this bill.

This website has more readers each day than another that supports, so to speak, the local legislative supporter of this bill. If one has a case to make on behalf of these voting restrictions, it will find a larger and wider audience here. Now, one may be able to show, convincingly, that I’m wrong about all this, and that voter ID legislation is a good idea. But if one can’t or won’t, well, that’s a powerful case all its own.

The use of pseudonyms and anonymous postings is, of course, fine. Although the comments template has a space for a name, email address, and website, those who want to leave a field blank can do so. Comments will be moderated, against profanity or trolls. Otherwise, have at it.

The forum will be open until Sunday morning, and this post will stay at the top of the website during that time.

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The Phantom Stranger
9 years ago

I find it very sad and disconcerting that elected officials would make it more difficult for any person to exercise their right to vote, in the name of supposed voting impropriety. In not even 5 months, the Republican Reichstag has set our State backward 100 years. Look for Evan Wymp and other lieutenants lined up behind Herr Walker at next Wednesday’s bill signing photo op. Time for their rousing Republican rendition of “Springtime for Hitler” (from “The Producers”)…

Ayn Rand
9 years ago

You’re funny (maybe joking?), Mr. Adams, to set up your comments question up as a challenge to defenders of voting restrictions. It’s a challenge they’ll ignore.

It’s even funny to see you claim a traditional libertarian view at a time when most people who call themselves libertarian don’t share that ‘traditional’ libertarian view.

I’m pleased to see your comment forum back again, and that you’re prepared to plant your feet in the ground.

Don’t stop now, John.