What Never Trump Means

Those libertarians (as I am) and conservatives who declared themselves Never Trump (written on Twitter as #NeverTrump) are those who took that position when considering Trump’s career and his presidential campaign.  On the ample record of Trump’s business career and political campaign, we found him unfit: a bigot, a would-be authoritarian, and an avowed friend of hostile foreign powers.

Trumpism unchecked would establish a herrenvolk state in the place of a free and truly democratic society. 

In this way, those libertarians and conservatives joined many millions more who were, by party membership or ideology, already inclined to oppose the 2016 GOP nominee.  In joining these many others, Never Trump became one part of a much larger coalition.

The main focus of opposition should be Trump, His Inner Circle, Principal Surrogates, and Media Defenders, but closer at hand there are yet officials supportive of Trumpism Down to the Local Level.

As for Never Trump, it was before the election that Never Trump began, before the inauguration that it began, and before all that has happened since.

There are some Americans who came to oppose Trump after the election, after the inauguration, after the appointment of a special counsel, or some other moment.  Their opposition is welcome; a larger coalition is a stronger coalition.

And yet, and yet — Trump’s political unworthiness is his very essence, and developments after the election, after the inauguration, after an appointment or another moment, change nothing of that essential unworthiness.

Never means never.

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