Where are all the libertarians coming from?

In Britain, The Independent’s Anton Howes wonders where all the libertarians are coming from.

He sees the trend:

There’s a silent revolution happening on campuses across the world. Libertarian activism is on the rise. Political figures like Ron Paul have started to draw huge support from younger voters, but the trend seems to be much deeper and more sustained than any single political campaign. Rather than simply throwing support behind individuals and politicians, students are rallying around distinctly pro-liberty ideas and ideologies.

Anyone who’s been on campus has seen this — among independents and ever-larger numbers of major-party supporters, there’s a respect and interest in libertarian positions. In some areas, the libertarian trend among all Americans is clear, and the next generation is likely to change the criminal law in consequence of it.

So where are all these libertarians coming from?

The next generation.

Posted originally on 3.12.12 at Daily Adams.

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