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Whitewater’s early spring

I rode through the city last night, to the pleasant sight of students grilling out on lawns across town. Lawn after lawn, block after block, the sweet aroma of barbecue greeted me, and then lingered in reminder, as I rode by.

Along one street, students on a front lawn clapped in a quickening rhythm as cars drove, and I rode, past. I turned back and waved, and they clapped again.

We’ve seasons of contentious elections ahead, but after seeing the city in repose, how could one not be optimistic? No matter how hard these times have been – and they’ve been very hard – America slowly recovers, returning to her former strength.

Those enjoying last night’s warm weather were confidently unbowed before our immediate problems. There’s a welcome optimism in them.

The generation now on our campus will have its difficult moments, but they’ll do well for themselves, for Wisconsin, and America.

It was a good night, and a good sign, for the city.

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