Having Nice Things in Whitewater

Some months ago, a community group, while embarking on a new project, began using the saying, ‘yes, we can have nice things in Whitewater.’ One supposes that they meant the saying as an expression of optimism about their chances for success, along the lines of we can do this. It’s also probable that they intended […]

Restaurants Transform a City

Whitewater is a small city, not a California metropolis, but even a prosperous place like San Francisco benefits from a growing restaurant culture: SAN FRANCISCO — For decades, as this city polished its reputation as an essential food destination, a stretch of Market Street just a short stroll from the groundbreaking Zuni Café remained stubbornly […]

So What Do You Think of Whitewater?

People, including some from far from our city, often ask me what I think of Whitewater.  I think Whitewater is beautiful, and that despite present challenges she has a bright future.  Sometimes people say they might like a warmer place in winter, or a bigger place all year.  They say this sincerely, and their wishes […]

Causes and Monuments

Early one morning, while you’re in a coffee shop, a woman walks through the door, orders an Americano, and sits down at your table.  She sips ever so tentatively, while poring over a local newspaper.  She turns to you and asks, “Do you know how I could leave my mark on this community?” You’re not […]

Whitewater’s Independent Merchants: Supporting Small Bricks Over Bytes

A quick summary of my views on business would be to say that (1) private markets are typically superior to government regulation, subsidies, or game-rigging, (2) government should be impartial to different kinds of businesses, (3) government ‘business’ or ‘development’ efforts are often self-promoting efforts of officials, bureaucrats, and hangers-on who are parasitic of public […]

Thursday, May 15th, 8-10 AM: Make Whitewater Even Nicer

Downtown Whitewater volunteers and supporters: help us give the downtown a little “spit and polish” ahead of UW-Whitewater graduation this weekend! This will be a light cleanup, after the major cleanup April 26. When: Thursday, May 15, from 8 to 10 am. Where: Meet at Discover Whitewater (150 West Main Street). * We’ll be sweeping […]

Science Night in Whitewater

Diet Coke & Mentos from John Adams on Vimeo. Last night was Science Night in Whitewater, and many hundreds from the city turned out to see dozens of displays and exhibits.  My family had a fine time, and I’d say that Science Night (held periodically but infrequently) is one of our favorite public events in […]

Whitewater’s Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

My youngest and I went to Sunday’s Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at the high school.  We had a great time.  Light, perfectly-prepared pancakes, the very size of a pan, with link sausages, syrup, butter, and one’s choice of coffee, juice, or water.  For a small price, one could order extra sausage, too, as we did.  Once […]

Whitewater as a Youthful Town

One hears that CNN Money has a story that lists Whitewater as one of their youngest towns in America. See, 25 youngest small towns in America. Whitewater comes in at number eight on the list (a typo lists us as six), with a population of 14,470 and a median age of 22.0 years. A sharp […]