Restaurants Transform a City

Whitewater is a small city, not a California metropolis, but even a prosperous place like San Francisco benefits from a growing restaurant culture:

SAN FRANCISCO — For decades, as this city polished its reputation as an essential food destination, a stretch of Market Street just a short stroll from the groundbreaking Zuni Café remained stubbornly unchanged, an odd wasteland of check-cashing stores and weed dealers punctuated by the whiff of urine.

A city survey last year declared that Market Street between Seventh and 11th Streets was San Francisco’s dirtiest commercial strip. While nearby Union Square and the South of Market district blossomed, these half-dozen broad blocks remained something people rushed through on their way to more charming neighborhoods.

But in a city consumed by a tech boom that has left no inch of its roughly 47 square miles unnoticed by developers, the neighborhood now called Mid-Market is undergoing a transformation that would render it nearly unrecognizable to anyone who hasn’t braved its sidewalks for a few years….

See, A San Francisco Street Transformed by Food @ New York Times.

Some of the most uplifting changes to Whitewater’s retail scene have been the addition of new restaurants (and a nano-brewery) in the downtown.

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6 years ago

Now if only one or two of those restaurants could find an inspired chef(s) to create memorable food, all would be good.

6 years ago

I could go for a fried chicken southern type place around here.