Whitewater’s Near Future Depends on What Year It Is Now

I’ve written that a New Whitewater is inevitable, that we have passed The End of The Beginning, and are now in a Middle Time between one way of life and another.

When these changes will be wholly manifest depends on where we are in time, now, so to speak: ’35, ’55, or ’65.

If we should be in ’35, then the old guard has decades ahead, and their near future is secure.

If we should be in ’55, then our town squires have just a bit more than a decade of political relevancy ahead.  Many of them will yet live to see the collapse an older political order.

If we should be in ’65, then they’ve far less than a decade left.  

Even now, when they speak claiming to represent all the community, they do so in carefully controlled settings, bemoaning the winds of the greater world sweeping along every street just outside. 

It’s not ’35; we’re closer to sometime between ’55 and ’65.

These few have strived for a political and social preeminence that will not, that truly cannot, endure. 

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