Why Dirty Dogs Roam With Impunity

I’ve written before about the foul mess that is the ‘Warriors and Wizards’ festival in Jefferson (formerly a Harry Potter festival before Warner Bros. shut that usage down).

So, how is it that city officials, ‘development professionals,’ lying publishers, and bottom-shelf promoters get away with wasting tens of thousands in public funds each year while simultaneously cheating ordinary people out of tens or even hundreds of dollars for over-priced ticket fees, stomach-churning food, and wasted travel expenses?  These dirty dogs roam with impunity.

One reason – of many, no doubt – is that while a city wastes tens of thousands (or more), each ordinary family is cheated for a smaller amount (meaningful to them, but perhaps in an amount of one-hundred to two-hundred dollars), and those families are stuck bearing that loss without a cost-effective individual remedy. (Obvious point: I’ve not been cheated, so I do not write from a personal grievance. It shouldn’t require a personal grievance, however, to see that the event cheats ordinary people.)

If a ‘mover and shaker’ in one of these towns suffered even a proportionately smaller injury, then it would be the Worst Misfortune Since the World Began So Very Long Ago™. One could expect petitions, objections, meetings, wailing, rending of garments, gnashing of teeth, etc.

So one has public waste on a large scale (in cases far worse than a cheesy festival in Jefferson, Wisconsin), and private individuals are left time and again to bear the loss.

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