Friday Catblogging: Cheetahs’ ears

Animal ears may not get as much attention as cool eyes or weird noses, but the glorious cheetah owes its running prowess in part to its inner ear. The cheetah is, famously, the fastest land animal; it can run up to 65 miles per hour. During these sprints, its muscles are straining hard, but its […]

Badger Takes the High-Protein Route

Dig for victory: badger buries a whole cow and eats steak for a month — New Scientist (@newscientist) March 31, 2017 Dig for victory: badger buries a whole cow and eats steak for a month @ New Scientist (@newscientist) March 31, 2017

Film: The Rhino Guardians

The Rhino Guardians from Dan Sadgrove on Vimeo. Dan Sadgrove describes his recent film on an anti-poaching group: In 2016 I travelled to South Africa to visit The Black Mambas – the worlds first all female anti-poaching unit operating in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa. Coming from disadvantaged communities and breaking strong patriarchal […]

Saturday Film: The Super Salmon

The Super Salmon from Ryan Peterson on Vimeo. A salmon in Alaska makes an unlikely journey on “the Mount Everest of rivers” – the Susitna – as residents consider the costs/benefits of a government-proposed mega-dam.

The Origin of Dogs

How and when did wild wolves turn into domestic pets? Science tells us that humans were behind the domestication of what is now man’s best friend—but the timeline of the transformation has always been mysterious. In this video, Atlantic science writer Ed Yong explains the surprising origin of dogs in light of new research. Via […]