‘This is an Apple’

“Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana.” #FactsFirst pic.twitter.com/LbmRKiGJe9 — CNN (@CNN) October 23, 2017 I haven’t watched CNN in years, to be honest, but their promotional advertisement about Trump’s alternative facts outlook is spot on. It’s more common for me to read than to watch cable news, but my two […]

Erin Gloria Ryan on Fox News

Erin Gloria Ryan, a senior editor at The Daily Beast, writes of Fox News in light of so many harassment allegations against Fox News hosts: At this point, Fox News seems to be functioning less like a news organization with a sexism problem and more like a sexism organization with a news hobby…. For a […]

How The Apprentice Manufactured Trump

The first season of The Apprentice re-introduced Donald Trump to the world as an incredibly successful and intelligent businessman—it was a hit show in 2004 and boosted the Trump brand. The show was a major opportunity for producers to create his persona and sell his image to America. How did they pull this off? And […]

Stranger Things References

If you’ve enjoyed the Netflix original series Stranger Things, you’ll enjoy this short video of the film references in the series. If you’ve not seen the series, it’s well worth catching. (I’ve included a Stranger Things trailer below the video of the film references.)

Brookings on ‘7 trends in old and new media’

The liberal-leaning Brookings Institution, in a paper from Elaine Kamarck and Ashley Gabriele, offers insight into 7 trends in old and new media. Their seven observations are solid, and broadly similar to the assessments of Clay Shirky, in Last call: the end of the printed newspaper. Brookings summarizes their work: The following are seven essential truths about the news today […]

The X Files – Official Trailer (2015)

Returning for a brief run in January 2016 – Fans of the X-Files may also enjoy Gillian Anderson in The Fall, as a detective superintendent searching for a serial killer in Belfast. Anderson’s character in that series is different from the one she plays on the X-Files, but no less tenacious in pursuit of her […]

Some Assets Can Only Be Sold Once

A person with an apple orchard can – and expects – to sell apples for more than one season.  In fact, his success almost certainly depends on more than one year’s crop.  For media companies selling radio or television stations, or spinning print from broadcast assets, it’s a one-time transaction.  When the broadcast properties are […]

Super Bowl Commercials

America saw an exciting Super Bowl last night, uncertain in outcome until the end. While the game wasn’t on, or the lights weren’t on at the Superdome, there were commercials to talk about. The full list of ads is posted at Super Bowl Commercials, and my favorite was the one for Sketchers (they’re really not […]