Buying Whitewater a Present

A man wants to impress his girlfriend, someone he professes to love, so he asks her what she’d like for a present – anything at all she might want.   She tells him that she’s been thinking about getting a car.

“That’s wonderful,” he exclaims. “I’ll get you something special!”

Before she can even suggest a few features she’d like in an automobile, the man’s out the door, and on his way.

Months go by, and although she doesn’t hear much about his search, she does know that he’s been scouring out-of-town locations unfamiliar to anyone nearby.  She does see several nice cars for sale in town, but he makes no mention of them.

One day he surprises her, and places a set of car keys in her hand. “It’s right outside, darling, just what I know you’ve always wanted,” he exults.

In the driveway, she finds a 1972 AMC Gremlin, with high mileage and a few mysterious stains on the upholstery:

She’s a bit surprised. “You bought me a … Gremlin,” she sighs. “How much was it?” she asks.

“It was a steal,” he answers.  “You had just enough in your checking account.”

“My account?” she replies.  “I thought you said you were going to buy me a car.”

“Well, darling, I did buy you a car.  Of course I did.  But I didn’t mean that I was going to pay for it.”

That’s Whitewater’s Community Development Authority, and those are the gifts it buys for Whitewater, with her own money.

Previously: Romancing Whitewater.

2 comments for “Buying Whitewater a Present

  1. Just Some Reader
    05/19/2018 at 12:13 AM

    You left out the last part…

    This man tells his friends (who know nothing about cars) what he bought for his girlfriend, and they all tell him how amazing he is, and how lucky his girlfriend is to have him.

    Shortly after this conversation, all of these men are then treated for injuries sustained while patting each other on the back for a really awkward amount of time.

      05/19/2018 at 9:42 AM

      Spot-on! A much needed addition to the original tale.