Friday Catblogging: Real Cats React to Video Game Cats

????????1??????????????? — ?????? (@kanata_610) January 26, 2018 There are lots of things in Monster Hunter: World for humans to like. But what are cats into? Meowing, that’s what. Cat owners are seeing what their feline friends do when Monster Hunter’s Felyne characters get vocal. Via Real Cats React To Monster Hunter: World‘s Meowing.

So What’s Pokémon Go?

It’s two things: a game one plays with one’s smartphone (as CNET explains in the video embedded above), and a reworking of an old set of characters in a new format.  The original characters were interesting to millions before, and remain interesting, making their revival in a new format a good bet.  If the characters…

Film: The Man Who Owns 40,000 Video Games

What can one say about video gamer and collector Herr Ghalustians? I think that one can say that he’s having fun, doing something that he likes on his own time, without harming anyone else. He’s Austrian, but not so removed from what we might say is part of the American Dream – to have the…