A Recipe for Grilled Corn

If you’ve had the chance to purchase some fresh, locally-grown produce from the Whitewater City Market (Tuesdays, 3-7 PM) or Saturday Farmers Market (8 AM – Noon), perhaps you’ve picked up some corn.  (A longtime reader kindly suggested doing so at the City Market, and it was an excellent recommendation.) If corn, then a recipe…

Two Thanksgiving Turkey Choices

Chef Andrew Carmellini’s recipe for Thanksgiving, with bacon-wrapped turkey pieces: For a different taste of Thanksgiving, turkey or pumpkin dumplings as served at Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings: Wholly different choices, yet both are enticing. 

The Michelada

From the website that touted the Pickleback, comes the Michelada. The NYT’s Toby Cecchini describes it as “a cousin of the Bloody Mary, or a spiced-up version of a Midwestern staple, the Red Eye.” (For a more cautious take on the drink, see Eric Felten’s A Curious Treat From Down Mexico Way.) There are several…