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Former Trump Campaign Leader for Biden

Jessica Denson lead the Trump campaign’s Hispanic engagement effort. Now she’s speaking out against his “vile, self-serving” candidacy. “Donald Trump does not care about the welfare of the people. Everything that the Trump campaign champions is a complete lie, and it is to the detriment of the American people.” Hear more testimonials from all over…

Highlight’s from The Verge’s Foxconn Assessment

No failure better reveals the bankruptcy of corporate welfare in the Walker and Trump years than the Foxconn project in Wisconsin: exaggeration upon exaggeration, but nothing productive. This was a failure of judgment so obvious and significant that everyone involved should retire from policymaking. Walker Administration, Trump Administration, the WISGOP, the WEDC, down to Whitewater’s Community…


Donald Trump says he’ll never come back to states like Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina— even America itself if he loses. We can think of worse things. Make sure you have your plan to vote Biden-Harris this election by visiting

Trump Abandons the Midwest

Trump plans return visits to Wisconsin during the pandemic he’s exacerbated through lies, but long before the novel coronavirus Trump was lying to the Midwest. Catherine Rampell writes that Trump said he would bring jobs back to Ohio’s manufacturing workers. Instead, he deserted them: “It’s incredible what’s happened to the area,” he said Monday, in…