Daily Bread for 10.11.23: Logos Succeed Only Because People Succeed

 Good morning.

Wednesday in Whitewater will be mostly sunny with a high of 57. Sunrise is 7:04 and sunset 6:18 PM for 11h 14m 13s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with 9.2% of its visible disk illuminated.

The Whitewater Common Council and the Whitewater Unified School Board meet at 6 PM

  On this day in 1614, the New Netherland Company applies to the States General of the Netherlands for exclusive trading rights in what is now the northeastern United States.

The UW System wants you to know that it’s no longer the UW System. In a press release, [System President Jay] Rothman unveils new Universities of Wisconsin identity to represent 13 universities:

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. – President Jay Rothman today unveiled the Universities of Wisconsin, a new name and identity that emphasizes the constellation of Wisconsin’s 13 public universities.

The Universities of Wisconsin will replace the University of Wisconsin System as the preferred way to describe the universities. The new name will be accompanied by new brand graphics, including a logo, mark, and map.

“The Universities of Wisconsin is the best way to describe our thirteen excellent universities,” Rothman said. “This new name rightfully shifts the focus from the System to the Universities that are providing opportunities to the students and families we serve.”

“We have thirteen universities with one mission – to make Wisconsin Future Ready. For All,” added Karen Walsh, Board of Regents President. “I am proud to represent the Universities of Wisconsin, and everyone in our state can take pride in all the universities do to improve lives and communities.”

Gov. Tony Evers issued a proclamation to mark the occasion as “Universities of Wisconsin Week.”

Rothman announced the new name and identity at UW-Eau Claire, accompanied by Chancellor Jim Schmidt.

The announcement included a new video featuring the voice of Rothman’s predecessor, former Gov. Tommy Thompson.

“I have often said the Universities of Wisconsin are one of the state’s greatest assets, aside from its people,” Thompson said. “I have always been – and always will be – a champion of our universities.”

Here’s that logo:

It’s attractive, but not so attractive as the men and women who make the UW schools successful, on-campus and off-campus. It is they, those many who are literally attractive to others. It is they who retain and gain others for their institutions. 

The logo is only attractive for the efforts of many. Logos don’t imbue people with meaning; people imbue logos with meaning. 

See also People Bring Color.

Hot air balloon takes off from festival, lands in backyard:

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