Daily Bread for 2.13.22: Vos, Now on the Trumpists’ Menu, Deserves No Sympathy

Good morning.

Sunday in Whitewater will be sunny with a high of 15.  Sunrise is 6:53 AM and sunset 5:24 PM for 10h 31m 33s of daytime.  The moon is a waxing gibbous with 91.8% of its visible disk illuminated.

 On this day in 1689, William and Mary are proclaimed co-rulers of England.

 Molly Beck reports A Republican base focused on the 2020 election turns on Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:

MADISON – Robin Vos is facing calls to step off the tight rope he has been on for more than a year navigating a Republican base that wants much more scrutiny from him of the 2020 election and the reality of President Donald Trump’s loss.

A growing number of Republicans outside of the Wisconsin State Capitol are furious with the Assembly Speaker and are demanding that he resign from his leadership position after he punished Rep. Timothy Ramthun over false claims about the 2020 election — a move that helped catapult the Fond du Lac County lawmaker to a campaign for governor.

The discipline of Ramthun has enraged elements of the party faithful who already believed the powerful Republican in the state Capitol is refusing to do everything he can to litigate the last presidential election and see his actions thus far as inadequate at best and purposefully stifling at worst.

And now, two of the three top Republican campaigns for governor are entirely focused on ousting Vos.

“He may have done some good things, but I think the damage he’s done to the party since November 3 of 2020 is unforgivable,” Terry Brand, chairman of the Langlade County Republican Party, said in an interview.

“Anywhere from discontent to furious are the emotions I’ve experienced with people from around the state, from around northern Wisconsin, and so forth.”

A spokeswoman for Vos did not respond to requests for comment or for an interview.

Vos deserves not the slightest sympathy. He presides over a party that is ignorant, emotional, mendacious, bigoted, and autocratic. Now the Trumpists have come to feast on Vos, who foolishly thought that he could feed them while advancing only himself.  These malevolent nativists are too insatiable to settle for biting the hand that fed them; nothing less than the very marrow will settle their stomachs.

For those who have sought to preserve the constitutional order, Vos is an obstacle and opponent. For those who have sought to preserve the constitutional order, the Trumpists are obstacles and opponents.  When the latter devour the former (and they will), principled men and women will have that many fewer adversaries.

Undeserving though they are, one can yet — sincerely — offer the Trumpists a culinary recommendation before their meal: a little hollandaise makes everything tastier.

Why Sea Urchins Are So Expensive:

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[…] Daily Bread for 2.13.22: Vos, Now on the Trumpists’ Menu, Deserves No Sympathy […]