Daily Bread for 2.17.22: Vos Primly Lectures Fanatics on the Dangers of Fanaticism

Good morning.

Thursday in Whitewater will be cloudy with a high of 23.  Sunrise is 6:47 AM and sunset 5:29 PM for 10h 42m 28s of daytime.  The moon is a waning gibbous with 99% of its visible disk illuminated.

 On this day in 1965, the Ranger 8 probe launches on its mission to photograph the Mare Tranquillitatis region of the Moon in preparation for the manned Apollo missions. Mare Tranquillitatis or the “Sea of Tranquility” would become the site chosen for the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

Molly Beck and Patrick Marley report Robin Vos says local Republicans are ‘incorrect’ to blame him over handling of 2020 election review:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says the Republicans in the grassroots of the party who are furious with his handling of a 2020 election review are wrong to blame him.

The anger should instead of be directed at Democrats, Vos said in his first public comments responding to a growing chorus of Republicans at the local party level calling for his resignation after he disciplined a member of his caucus over false election claims.

“In each political party, there are people who are unhappy with the direction because they’re frustrated with the state of our country. I, too, am frustrated,” Vos said Tuesday hours after more than 200 people gathered in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol, in part, to call for Vos’ resignation.

“They have filed lawsuits, they have done everything they can to try to stand in the way of getting at the truth,” he said about Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul suing to block subpoenas that are part of Assembly Republicans’ review of the 2020 election.

“So those people are incorrect in having their frustration be at the legislative Republicans, they should focus on the Democrats who are spending taxpayer dollars to be able to stop our effort to get to the truth.”

Terry Brand, chairman of the Republican Party of Langlade County, said Vos is gaslighting.

“He says we’re unhappy about the direction because we’re frustrated with the state and country. No. We’re frustrated with Vos because he hasn’t provided consistent leadership in finding the truth of what happened in the 2020 election,” Brand said. “He’s redirecting our frustration — we’re directing it directly at him.”

This small, scared man blames the fanatics he, himself, for years incited. Vos sits, drenched in his own sweat, and soaked in his own urine, as their hunting party comes for him.

See also Vos, Now on the Trumpists’ Menu, Deserves No Sympathy.

Aggressive Elephant Attacks Tourist Vehicle in Sri Lanka:

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2 years ago

Vos has had a lot of things get out of control on him, lately. Ramthun and Brantjen are running wild and publicly hating on him. Gableman has achieved primal supremacy over him and is officially amok. There isn’t anything that Vos appears to be able to do about that except sit there and look manifestly stupid for appointing him in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong…This isn’t a bad thing!