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F. James Sensenbrenner Heads for the Exit

One reads that F. James Sensenbrenner, the pro-Trump septuagenarian multimillionaire congressman from a gerrymandered district that stretches all the way down to Whitewater, is retiring when his current term ends. Consigned to the minority forever must look unappealing.

How time flies! It was not long ago that then-chairman of the Whitewater Community Development Authority was scampering off to thank Sensenbrenner in person for a portion of the Trump tax bill.  See The Trump Tax Bill: The Illusory Pay Bump and ‘Our Guy’ Isn’t Our Guy.

The former’s now out of office and the latter soon will be. These changes will leave Sensenbrenner plentiful opportunities for reminiscing over the manipulation of free markets, with moments left for complaining that he was never adequately appreciated by ordinary men and women who should damn well have known better.

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1 year ago

And so the great “mentioning” begins:

Leah Vukmir, fresh off getting waxed by Tammy Baldwin, is mulling a run.

Word is that Kevin Nicholson, fresh of getting waxed by Leah Vukmir, is gonna try to tea-party his way into the house.

There is talk of Senators Kris Kapenga and Dale Kooyenga taking a run.

Big Fitz is puffing out his chest and considering a promotion.

Who knows…Maybe Paul Nehlen will decamp Delavan for Whitewater and run as an out Nazi Republican.

Considering the viciously Gerrymandered nature of the district, a Republican will likely win. As far as I know there are not even any Democratic toes being dipped in the water yet.

My initial fave, for purely tactical reasons, is Big Fitz. He would do a lot less damage to the state as a back-bencher in the minority party of the US house than he would running the WI State Senate in the majority. Do you suppose that he might be getting a just little nervous for his Senate majority status?