Friday Catblogging: An Open-Source Robotic Cat

Sarang Sheth writes about a robot cat called Nybble:

Designed to be a robot that you can build, play, and explore with, Nybble comes with a laser-cut plywood body that you must put together first. The entire process takes about 4 hours including the assembly, software and calibration configuration time, and once you’re done, Nybble is ready to play with! Nybble’s architecture makes it a rather nimble, flexible little cat, as it borrows bionic concepts from a cat’s skeleton. The robot cat comes outfitted with two ultrasonic sensors on its front that act as the robot’s “eyes”.

It sports a USB input that lets you connect it to a device to tinker around with its open-source code and teach it new tricks (in Python, C++ or a graphical user interface via the Petoi desktop app), and even comes with Bluetooth and WiFi dongles as well as an infrared remote controller.

Other parts include a holder for two 14500 Li-ion rechargeable 3.7V batteries that give Nybble up to 45 minutes of play-time, and even silicone covers for the cat’s feet, to give it friction as well as prevent it from accidentally scratching your furniture!

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