Friday Catblogging: Cat Survives Washing Machine Ordeal

It’s a useful reminder to make a quick check of the laundry before starting the a washing machine:

“Bobby has been known to climb into the washing machine, so I always try to keep the door shut and keep him away when adding a new load, and check inside before turning it on,” explained the 47-year-old pet owner from the Meadows, Nottingham.

“On this occasion I had actually taken him outside, but he must have snuck back inside when my back was turned and hidden under the duvet.

“As soon as I heard the noise I asked my husband Kevin where Bobby was. I rushed to the machine and could see the colour of his fur mixed in with the quilt. I was petrified and raced to get him out.

“I think Bobby’s learned his lesson the hard way, he doesn’t go anywhere near the washer any more. But I’m still very careful and triple check before turning it on.”

See, Incredible cat survives horrific washing machine ordeal @ The Telegraph.

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