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Friday Catblogging: Cat’s Unplanned Trip

A very happy ending to an extraordinary story, all thanks to a microchip!

Posted by Grove Lodge Veterinary Group on Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Siamese cat survived eight days in a packing box after she climbed in shortly before her owner sealed the container:

After traveling for 260 miles, Cupcake arrived in Worthing, West Sussex, on the other side of the country….

Cupcake was reunited with her tearful owner on Saturday. “I feel terrible about what’s happened, you know,” Baggott told BBC South Today.

“I mean, I put everything in the box and I sealed it straightaway, so I don’t know how she managed to get in there,” she added. “It was a miracle because she was alive, she’s managed to survive that awful ordeal.”

SeeCat Survives 8 Days In Box After Owner Accidentally Mails Her Across England.


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