Iceberg Aside, Titanic‘s Executive Pleased with Ship’s Voyage

Despite ridicule from countless people, the Daily Union continues to deceive about the performance of Jefferson, Wisconsin’s the latest ‘Wizards and Warriors’ festival.

Readers have this awaiting them:

Weather aside, Cramer pleased by fest outcome.

This is something like shipping magnate J. Bruce Ismay insisting that the Titanic‘s maiden voyage wasn’t too bad, except for an iceberg here or there. (Ismay was on that tragic voyage, by the way, but he made sure that he found his way to a lifeboat, taking space that might have gone to an ordinary passenger.)

If the festival couldn’t handle the October weather, the problem was more than the weather.

(Many Christmas parades, for example, manage in much colder weather with much better experiences for all concerned.)

There’s a dark absurdity here – the DU has a publisher, editor, and reporter who will print even absurdities that are easily debunked by residents in their own community.

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