Sounds of Trumpism’s Malevolence

Robert Kagan, writing of Trump’s foreign policy, describes the uncaring malevolence of Trump’s perspective:

Trump’s America does not care. It is unencumbered by historical memory. It recognizes no moral, political or strategic commitments. It feels free to pursue objectives without regard to the effect on allies or, for that matter, the world. It has no sense of responsibility to anything beyond itself.

The same is true for domestic policy. Trumpism is similar to that which likely would have happened if Know Nothings, the Klan, or the Bund had gained national power.

Indeed, it’s most like the Bund: a perverse mix of domestic and foreign autocratic positions and symbols, in the service of authoritarianism, racism, and the self-dealing of key operatives.

There were large numbers in these dark organizations at their respective heights; members were proud of their views.  We can expect the same now.

Arguing with each person so ignorantly or malevolently aligned is a poor strategy – the principal objects of opposition & resistance are Trump, His Inner Circle, Principal Surrogates, and Media Defenders.  Along the way, one may sometimes find Trumpism Down to the Local Level.

The detestable movements that our forefathers faced and overcame did not fall because their adherents saw reason; they fell because their leaders and elites met ruin.

Yet, there’s a misguided – and self-destructive – view that one should not speak ill of Trumpism lest the mass of Trump supporters should become offended.

Places big (and even small like Whitewater) have some who shirk from offending, and hope that they’ll come through this time as though it were no time at all.

That’s a diminished and degraded approach. Sins of omission and silence are yet sins.

In any event, it does no good to approach a wolf in the same way one would a golden retriever.  One changes nothing by pretending the former is the latter.

As for sounds, one need hear no more to be certain of Trump’s malevolence, but as he is malevolent, he produces daily among the innocent new and increasingly anguished cries.

Decency compels us to remember, first to offer whatever imperfect aid we can, and later to assure lawful retribution against those responsible.

Via Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the Border (“ProPublica has obtained audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, in which children can be heard wailing as an agent jokes, ‘We have an orchestra here.’ “)

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