The Villages as a Dystopian America

Much has been made – understandably – about an elderly golf-cart-riding resident of The Villages retirement community shouting ‘white power’ during a pro-Trump parade. (The man’s bigotry is wrong, but his grasp of the meaning of Trumpism is right on target.)

It’s impossible to excuse the bigotry, but one can look at other vices within The Villages without excusing or ignoring bigotry. The resident’s prejudice took place as he and other Trumpist residents were queuing for a pro-Trump golf-cart parade.

While for someone who is disabled a cart or scooter is an understandable tool, it’s unlikely that all of the golf-cart riding paraders needed golf carts for locomotion. Many of them should have been able to walk, and it would have done them good to have done so.

As it turns out, residents of The Villages ride about in golf carts all the time. (There may be as many as 60,000 golf carts in this vast senior-living community.)

Honest to goodness – at least some of these residents should be walking more and riding less.

America is a dynamic and industrious place, and many older Americans remain suitably active and vigorous.

All these Trumpists ‘parading’ in their golf carts isn’t a sign of strength – it’s an embarrassing display of sloth.

One is reminded of a dystopian scene in Wall-E, where people of the future have grown too lazy to walk:

Repulsive in word and deed, so to speak.

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