Tucker Carlson is the Future of Fox Cable

Long after Trump fades & falters, there will be a large audience for lumpen revanchists on Fox News. These dead-enders won’t quickly meet their end – they’ll be a faction, and so an audience, waiting for a someone to inspire them in their ethnic prejudices, economic ignorance, and conspiracy theories. Fox News will exist after 1.20.21.

There’s commercial ad space to sell, and the Murdochs have billions yet to make, so someone has to hold the MyPillow® audience in front of their televisions…

It won’t be Hannity (who might as well be Trump’s manservant); it will be Tucker Carlson. Carlson drinks thirstily from a culture-war jug; he will go on that way long after Trump is a former president.

(Carlson, himself, may be fascist curious; genuine fascists, however, have no hesitation about expressing their love for him.)

For today, from the Axios Today podcast with Niala Boodhoo, Carlson as a present (and future) culture warrior:

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