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Readers have asked why I now have a third blog (

It’s straightforward, really.

I mean Daily Adams to cover state or national topics from a libertarian perspective, Daily Wisconsin to publish squibs with news of the Badger State, and FREE WHITEWATER to post original local content (and re-post state & national topics from Daily Adams).

Daily Adams is a libertarian project, born of a need to advocate diligently and zealously for traditional and genuine libertarianism, often against counterfeit versions of libertarian thinking. (See, along this line, The Existential Threats to Libertarianism.)

Those from old libertarian families, as I am, knew that a break with Charles and David Koch was inevitable. I thought of this third site months ago, after libertarians in Washington shared with me news of the Kochs’ pressure-filled demands for a partisan slant to Cato.

(I’m also interested in writing about Wisconsin politics at Daily Adams, as our state’s politics are especially interesting these days. There’s your euphemism, and understatement, of the day. My first posts at DA discussed state politics, until the Koch story broke. State issues will be a recurring topic.)

Daily Wisconsin will stay as it is now, with news squibs about Wisconsin. It’s great fun pouring over stories from across Wisconsin each day.

FREE WHITEWATER will offer original, local content on politics (I think the city still lacks a political culture worthy of her people), and slices of life from places within the city (reviews, photos, charitable events).

Whitewater’s truth is that Old Whitewater cannot shepherd – and does not wish to shepherd – the inevitable New Whitewater that awaits about a decade ahead. I’m convinced that a New Whitewater – a hip and prosperous place – isn’t that far away. (There’s nothing decisive that a few stodgy town fathers can do to stop it, however much they’re sure to try.)

It’s possible to present a more interesting and cosmopolitan image of the city than anyone’s doing now (that’s another understatement).

If they won’t or can’t do it, I will. I‘d guess the mix will be one-third local commentary, two-thirds reviews, events, photos, sundry topics, with re-posts from Daily Adams on top.

(Of course — without the slightest doubt — I could never publish any site that doesn’t have occasional catblogging, or cartoons and animated films.)

I’ve no more definite plan than this. It’s enough to pack sensibly for a trip, with only a general destination in mind. All the rest is serendipity.

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