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Trump and Walker

In 2014, Gov. Walker ran for re-election, and two years later Trump ran for president. The two-party results for the GOP candidates in the City of Whitewater were much different.

In 2014, Gov. Walker narrowly lost the City of Whitewater to Mary Burke:

Walker 2,616  49.8%
Burke 2,634    50.2%

In 2016, Trump decisively lost the City of Whitewater to Hillary Clinton:

Trump 2,676  42.1%
Clinton 3,674  57.9%

There’s no realistic scenario under which Trump will ever carry the City of Whitewater. Walker, however, came close in ’14. Yet, even with the gubernatorial race, Trump is likely to overshadow races in Wisconsin and across America.

It’s a long way to Tuesday, November 6th

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