Need a Lawyer? Call Crazy Rudy.

Someone is, apparently, is placing parody ads for Rudolph Giuliani in the New York subway system: A website linked to the parody,, offers Giuliani’s unscrupulous services in back channel deals and cable news appearances. Better still, the firm offers to work for free: In an effort to shield money from my wife during our…

Happy Father’s Day

La Guardia Cross turns the daily into the hilarious. He’s the creator of New Father Chronicles, a weekly YouTube series that documents life with his two young daughters. Get ready for a hilariously heartwarming visit with a father who’s learning and loving out loud.

That’s Pretty Darn Funny, Actually

I’ve heard that some Republicans, including radio host Charlie Sykes, are upset that a few Democrats tweeted suggestions for good things Mary Burke might have said about Scott Walker in the first gubernatorial debate.  Among those tweets was a suggestion from Lori Compas, formerly a state senate candidate, and currently a photographer and leader of…

The Terrifying Mutant Spider-Dog

If you’ve not seen this, then you’re not prepared for the monstrous, terrifying, mutant spider-dog. I’ve abbreviated the clip to load at the first appearance of this foul hell-hound from beyond. You’ve been suitably warned… This is a YouTube video that’s been played over 58,753,857 times. The figure may represent millions of people watching a…