Friday Catblogging: Former State Trooper Accused of Harassing People, Killing Cats

A sad story today, about a former state trooper accused of killing cats and using the dead animals to harass a former neighbor:

PORTAGE, Wis. — A retired Wisconsin state trooper is accused of killing neighborhood cats that were stalking his bird feeder and dumping the carcasses in the yard of a former neighbor.

Portage police said Paul Griener, 73, was fed up with neighborhood cats killing birds.

“He didn’t like the fact that they were in his bird feeders and took matters into his own hands and trapped these cats,” Portage police Detective Dan Garrigan said.

After serving a search warrant Wednesday, investigators now believe Greiner was drawing birds to the house with bird feeders, which in turn was luring the cats that he was catching in traps.

“We got a complaint of some dead cats that were starting to show up on someone’s property,” Brandner said.

Investigators said Greiner was dumping the cats in a yard 20 minutes away, near his former home, to harass the owner.

“What was really so frightening about it was the expression it had on its face, almost like it was screaming with its eyes open,” said Liz Masterson, who lives at the house where the cats were dumped.

I’m a cat guy, and of course I think it’s wrong to kill cats. Worse, however, is that Greiner may have used the dead cats to harass a person, a former neighbor.

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