Yet Go He Will…

Ted Koppel cautions Don’t expect Trump to go quietly:

There is a disarming innocence to the assumption that whether by impeachment, indictment or a cleansing electoral redo in 2020, President Trump will be exorcised from the White House and that thereby he and his base will largely revert to irrelevance.

Truthfully, there are few among the many millions in opposition and resistance who likely expect Trump to go quietly; there’s nothing quiet about him. Having spent these recent years in opposition, these millions have taken the measure of Trump.  There are no uncertainties about what he is: authoritarian, bigot, confidence man, and foreign dictator’s fifth columnist.

A man like that will thrash and howl at the approach of political ruin.

Millions of his fellow Americans will deliver that political ruin to him and his nativist movement.

Loud in ruin will resound less forcefully than loud in power.  (Indeed, loud in ruin then will sound like quiet now.)

This brings to mind my favorite political commercial of 2016,  entitled simply Quiet, and embedded above.

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